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Since 2016 I live in Copenhagen. As much as I enjoy this beautiful city, I am always looking forward to going back to my hometown- Gdańsk, where I am allowing myself for fun time with my girlfriends which is also fulfilled with beauty treatments. Since I am doing it for few years now I became sort of an expert when it comes to best beauty saloons, best hotels, and local attractions in Gdańsk.

By inviting You for a GLAM weekend I want to share with you all my tips and knowledge about how to get the best out of your GLAM time in Gdańsk. I'm looking forward to meeting you!



I am a hairdresser with 23 years of experience. It's been my passion since my early childhood. In 2003 I started my own Beauty Business. Together with my Team we are constantly improving our qualifications in our industry. Our work is our passion therefore we focus on professionalism and experience to perform our best so every client can feel like a Queen.



For over 10 years I have been advising clients on clothing purchases, I looked into their wardrobes, prepared everyday outfits and those for special occasions.

Fashion gives me a feeling of incredible freedom and everyday lightness. It's a space where everything is possible, regardless of the size you wear or your shopping budget.

I will gladly tell you how to use trends, what is a functionally complete wardrobe, why it is worth taking care of its consistent colors and favorable styles. Together, we will choose the best outfits for everyday styling, debunk a few myths and leave behind the complexes.

See you on our shopping!



Klaudia is Salsa & Bachata teacher with her passion for this dance since 2012.She gained her experience with some of the finest dance instructors from New York, London, Mediolan, Rome and Hamburg.



I am taking nice shots. I am a photographer. I am observant of the world. Creator of beautiful moments. I have a passion for naturally beautiful pictures. It is my mission to capture your precious moments.


Zosia & Kacper

Zosia and Kacper have been associated with movement and body throughout their lives. Dancers and choreographers, 3rd degree personal trainers, yoga teachers. On their development path, they started looking for a way to get rid of the pain and stress of everyday life, and this is how they found the Yoga teachings. Many years of travel and practice in many countries around the world (including England, Scotland, USA, Poland, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal) have led them to combine knowledge that combines elements of Western and Eastern wisdom.



Tennis coach with more than 20 years of experience. Participant of international tenis tournaments. Currently one of the top coaches in Sopot. Many of his pupils are raising tennis stars and winning many of the tournaments.



Krzysztof has been involved in holistic body work for many years. It all started with sports such as athletics, judo and rowing. The knowledge of the body's motor skills and past injuries inspired him to look for their source, which is found in postural defects. Gained experience and desire to develop knowledge inspired him to train pilates, yoga and meditation, which allowed him to understand the body even more. Learning from his own experience, sports successes and injuries, office job, Krzysztof has developed a proprietary exercise methodology leading to the improvement of the general health of his pupils.